We created our Lucid Dream Mask for one purpose: to expand human consciousness and allow one to travel in to the unknown with full control. Since launching in 2018, we have received countless emails about the mind-blowing effects this mask has had on people. 

So how does it work?

Our mask uses red LED light to stimulate your mind just enough to cause a lucid dream. They're bright enough to appear in your field of view while dreaming, but not bright enough to wake you up. The main trigger of a lucid dream is recognizing that something is out of the ordinary. There are many ways to train yourself to do this, but they aren't very effective for most people. This is where our mask comes in. The LEDs are impossible to miss while dreaming. and have proven to be incredible at initiating lucid dreams for thousands of customers. 

For info or support, contact us at info@DreamAstral.com